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Reclaiming Human and Pollinator Co-Creation

Pollinator People


Pollinator People is managed primarily by naturalist Rebeca Ramm.  Trained in Biodynamic Gardening Arts since 2001,  Rebeca's love for pollinators grew from her love of designing gardens with pollinators in mind.  Her training in the Apis arts began in 2003 with her drum teacher Layne Redmond in Mt. Madonna, California. Living on the islands of Hawaii, Rebeca further developed her skills at living sustainably off the grid while learning to maintain an organic cacoa and orchid plant nursery in the Maui rainforests. She currently maintains a private off grid property in the national forest of Southern Oregon where she has developed a biodynamic pollinator sanctuary for her personal pollination  ecology research.  She continues to train with pollinator specialists in both local and global regions. Her goal is to build pollinator awareness in the community and teach about the special connection that humans and pollinators have shared over the millennia.

Private Biodynamic Off-Grid Pollinator Sanctuary

This is Ginger, the Giant Flemmish Rabbit who completes the biodynamic cycle for the sanctuary.

The private off-grid sanctuary is Rebeca's center for her pollination ecology research.  Unfortunately, the Sanctuary is currently not open to the public as a business. Calling the forest property a Sanctuary is a way to acknowledge the personal commitment Rebeca has made to the principals of putting the interests of the local pollinators as a top priority while stewarding the land. It is in the remote forest that native plants and pollinators are given a safe place to thrive.  Rebeca studies the native plants and pollinators unique to this forest ecosystem. Any non-native plants brought in must be free from GMO's, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Compost teas made from onsite worm farm worm castings, and rabbit manure from the sanctuary's Giant Flemish Rabbit, named Ginger, are the only fertilizers allowed at the sanctuary. These are the biodynamic principals for the building blocks of living soil.  Where there is healthy thriving soil, there is no need for harmful chemical pesticides. In addition, no unsafe chemical weed killers are used anywhere on the property.   This gives the plants the highest quality nutrients to create the ultimate food for the pollinators. Find out more details about the sanctuary by reading the upcoming pollinator ecology book by Rebeca Ramm.



Pollinator People offers Ethical Honeybee Relocation Service to the Southern Oregon Community.  Most of this work is volunteer and free of charge.  We do our absolute best to provide a safe transfer of the honey bee colony to our private Biodynamic Pollinator Sanctuary.  This service  provides the honey bee with a safe place to thrive by removing them from harms way in undesirable locations.  Our clients are relieved to be free from the possibility of being stung by bees or having the bees harmed by others,  and happy to be protecting the longevity of the bee colony.  The purchases made on the Pollinator People website help to  make the volunteer community pollinator rescue projects possible. 

Organic Rye Straw Skeps

Organic Rye Straw Skeps

Sourced from a local Organic farm, our Rye Straw is 100% honey bee friendly.  You will love the fresh smell and lovely golden color of the natural handmade straw skep you purchase from us. Traditional Skeps were an old fashioned tool for collecting swarms or nurturing colonies.  Today, a similar skep concept is used for the striking modern Sun Hive design.  Our skeps are strong, thick and sturdy and will serve well as a honey bee keeper or for elegant home decor. Contact us directly for skep special orders or for sun hive information.  Available while supplies last, seasonal.

Original Written Works by R.Ramm


Just like the finely structured wax comb of a honey bee hive, exciting new written material is currently being complied by independent researcher and pollinator enthusiast Rebeca Ramm. The new books range in topics about pollinator ecology, honey bees, as well as modern and historical apiculture.  Ramm is currently available on select dates for scheduling to speak at events to educate and raise awareness about various pollinator people related topics. Please contact directly through this website for more information. Subscribe to stay on our Pollinator People list for updates on new events, articles and book releases. 

.999 Fine Silver Art From R.Ramm Studio

.999 fine silver jewelry

Pollinator People is proud to feature handmade .999 Fine Silver Jewelry by Rebeca's jewelry studio.  Spread the love and appreciation of pollinators while supporting a pollinator cause! These Silver items are handmade individually in R.Ramm's studio in the U.S.A. The silver art pieces make a fantastic gift or a treasured family heirloom.  Special design requests are welcome, just contact directly through this website. You may also subscribe to the list below to find out when new designs are available for purchase.