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What does this art from St. Peters Biscilica Vatican, Rome represent to you?

What does this relief from St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican in Rome represent to you?  The crown, the keys and the bees?

Why Honey Bees are Important

Humanity and the honey bee

Humanity and the Honey Bee

The Question, 'Why are Bees Important?', could equally be asked about humans. 

Why are Humans Important? 

You may be surprised to find out what they share in common and how this makes them both so uniquely significant.  In order to deeply appreciate the two, it helps to know more about the long history they have had together on planet Earth. Long before the days of agriculture and farming, honey bees mystified our nomadic human ancestors.  Can you imagine yourself a nomad traveling in search of food and discovering honey for the first time?  It is no wonder honey was reserved for royalty and ceremonies by the ancients.   Our ancestors revered the honey bee for many reasons. The marvelous structure and cleanliness of their comb and hive.  The many medicinal and sustainable products they produce.  As well as the bounty of the yield their busy little bodies produce for our agricultural and livestock needs. How could we not love them? During the transition from nomad to agrarian cultures, humans found a way to learn the significance of the pollination of crops and the medicinal and culinary qualities of the hive products produced by honey bees. They also understood how to house and manage bees as part of the structure of their newly designated land settlements.  Not only did this give the humans access to a honey bee hive that doubles as an apothecary medicine chest, it also boosted the yields of their agriculture and livestock by over 30%. There are several scientific theories on how this came about.  Regardless, it is clear that humans have been bee keepers and bee admirers for thousands and thousands of years. It is so important that we listen now to what the bees are telling us! We must reclaim our birthright and become better stewards for the bees and our own humankind as well. 

Through my independent research, I have found out a great deal of information on exactly this topic. For more information on what I have discovered, look for my upcoming books.  You may subscribe to my email list for notices on new publications. 

~Rebeca Ramm


Searching for Franklin

The Bombus Fanklini (Franklin's Bumble Bee) was last seen in 2006 only a few miles from our sanctuary. We are dedicated to helping the interests of Bumble bee expert, Robbin Thorp, to locate the Franklin Bumble Bee in our forest. 

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